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Humera NDP

Humera NDP

Client: Tigray Region Trade Industry and Urban development Bureau

Project: Humera Town structure Plan

Background of the project area

The project town/Setit-Humera and its environ has designated as a regional growth corridor and center of industrial growth pole.  Accordingly, its prominence as main economic center and transport hub of the study region, export and import gateway between Eritrea & Sudan, and other roles continue during the planning period. Therefore, urban-urban linkages between all urban centers in the study region is vital for the provision of adequate higher order goods and services for the small towns and majority of rural people of the study region. According to their geographical distribution, among 17 urban centers which have urban status, 10 (58.82%) are found in Q’afta Humera Wereda and other 7 (41.17%) urban centers are found in Tsegede and Wolqait Weredas. Most of these urban centers have developed along the major road corridors


The structure plan prepared by our company will serve as a tool for the urban growth of the town for the 2017-2027 planning period. It is a legally binding urban planning document representing the main features of land use and transport routes of Humera Town. It designates those areas and locations for major urban functions and reserved areas, which satisfy the anticipated needs of the population living within the jurisdictions of the town.

The structure plan has envisioned the town will become the Agro-industry center of the region and has proposed different land uses that enhance this role.

  • The plan try’s to utilize the opportunities and potentials addressed in the analysis part and planning issues addressed by different sectoral studies. Moreover, the plan will try to develop Tekeze river front to make it active the older settlement and serve as a recreational place to the residents and tourists.
  • The existing situation analysis shows that an immense achievement has been registered especially in attracting investment to the town. Hence, this motivation and investment attraction should continue to develop the town as per the plan since there is a plan to make the town an industrial center. The proposed plan tried to create new active nodes and corridors together with the existing ones which are expected to play significant role in the town structure and development while implementing the plan.


Study area: 3,800 hectares

Population: – 2017 – 36,000 and forecast (by 2027 – 57,140)

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